In South Australia there is a strong focus on female participation in sport. With the recent growth in female sport, it is clear that there is a need to provide more female friendly sporting facilities across South Australia.

Access to facilities that support and enhance participation is critical for women’s sports at all levels, from grassroots through to elite. Having female friendly sporting clubs sends an important message to all females that they are welcome in their chosen sport and that their club’s culture is one that will facilitate and support their participation.

The utilisation of these design considerations in planning female friendly facilities will demonstrate a commitment to female participation in sport.

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The change rooms should also be designed, built and maintained in accordance with Universal Design principles and relevant Occupational Health and Safety standards. This includes incorporating Child Safe and Crime Prevention principles into the design.

At the very least change rooms should:

  1. Provide privacy screens to entry of change rooms.

  2. Provide individual toilet cubicles.

  3. Provide individual lockable shower cubicles with change seats inside each cubicle, to enhance safety and privacy for users.

  4. Meet legislated building design requirements e.g. provide disability friendly toilet / shower cubicles. Fold away baby change tables can also be installed to make the cubicle multifunctional.

Other safety & privacy factors to consider:

  • Ensure that users have access to secure storage for bags and personal belongings.

  • Provide high level glazing / natural light for privacy.

  • Ensure that hygiene disposal points are appropriately located.



Facilities should aim to be environmentally sustainable. For example consider:

  • Installing water efficient shower heads andenergy efficient lighting.

  • Installing flow restrictors for basin taps and duel flush toilet cisterns.

  • Installing rain water tank systems and/or solar hot water systems.

  • Establishing energy benchmark levels for energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Monitoring and reviewing energy use over the first twelve months of operation of new/refurbished buildings for optimum efficiency.

  • Selecting locally sourced materials where available.

  • Where achievable, provide direct access from change rooms to playing fields with minimal level changes.

  • Provide vanity/shelves for personal items, power points for hair dryers, and other accessories adjacent to wet areas to encourage female use.

  • Provide natural ventilation to minimise odours.

  • Ensure shower head height is appropriate for all users. Consider using an adjustable height shower head.

  • Ensure cleaning equipment can access all areas in the space.

  • Provide larger sized shower cubicle for family and/or people with a disability to use.



  • Facilities should be designed to be fit-for-purpose and meet the standards required for the type of activities provided.

  • The whole-of-life cost of the facility should be considered.

  • Provide family change facilities within change rooms e.g. provide baby change tables.

  • Aim for flexibility in design so as to accommodate for different and future users.

  • Ensure that the change rooms appearance and finishes promote a welcoming, clean and hygienic environment.

  • Follow eight design principles: fit for purpose, multi and shared use, felxibility, universal design, health and safety, environmental sustainability, whole of life costs, location and access.