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 Australian owned and operated, ParkSheds delivers factory built amenities buildings at a quality equivalent to a residential project home standard. Their amenities buildings can be reliably delivered on time, on budget and with a consistent quality. Gender neutral and welcoming colours and materials are part of the standard design. 

 In this summary they set out how ParkSheds complies with the direction for the development of new facilities and in particular female friendly facilities. They have been aware of various national guidelines for some time including the Victoria State Government July 2017 “Female Friendly Sports Infrastructure Guidelines”. Additionally, they comply with different standards supporting the female participation in sport and active recreation such as the AFL document dated July 2015 “Preferred Facility Guidelines – Amenities Upgrade for Unisex Use”. 

The change room modules already comply with the detailed requirements for female player amenities: 

  • Showers – ParkSheds only uses lockable shower cubicles. 

  • Change spaces – each shower cubicle provides robe hooks, a high shelf for placing a bag containing clothes, along with a fold down seat for ease of changing. 

  • Toilets – are individual partitioned toilet pans with full height partitions, no urinals.

  • Wash basins area – provide a vanity top for shelf space, a mirrored wall and electrical outlets in close proximity for hair dryers. 

  • Baby change facilities are provided through a fold down table. 

  • Seating – is at least 300mm deep recommended. 

The change room modules already comply with the requirements for umpires/officials: 


  • Access – they provide a separate doorway access to the playing fields. 

  • Showers – only use lockable shower cubicles. 

  • Change spaces – each shower cubicle provides robe hooks, a high shelf for placing a bag containing clothes, along with a fold down seat for ease of changing. 

  • Toilets – are individual portioned toilets pans with full height partitions, no urinals. 

  • Wash basins – provide a vanity top for shelf space, a mirrored wall and electrical outlets in close proximity for hair dryers. 

  • Seating – is at least 300mm deep as recommended. 

AFL is the body which provides the most detailed numerical requirements and ParkSheds modules comply with the preferred layout standards of their sport standards as follows: 

  • Size – Local Level Player amenities are recommended by the AFL to have a building of at least 6.5 m x 3.55 m and preferably 7.24m x 3.55m. These modules are 15.9m x 4.77m. The extra space is used to provide 2 change rooms (each of them larger than the recommended minimum size), and a smaller referee/umpire room.

  •  WC cubicles – there is no recommended size although typical is described as 900 wide x 1650 deep (if using inwards opening doors), ParkSheds' size is the same as this.

  • Shower cubicles – recommended AFL minimum is 900 x 900 plus a change area of 900 x 900 if using inwards opening doors, with preference for wider. These are 900 wide x 1500, but as the seat is a fold down seat rather than a fixed change seat, they believe this provides adequate room and flexibility. 

  • WC cubicles design already anticipates one with an ambulant compliant grab rail and outward opening door in each area. 

  • Broadly speaking the ParkSheds design provides generous open change space well-lit by skylights with seating and storage - enough for 20 players to sit down in each of the 2 change rooms. They only provide 2 x WC and 2 x Showers in each team change area which is found to usually be sufficient for local playing fields. 


ParkSheds modules already comply with the requirements of the Female Friendly Sport Infrastructure Guidelines from the Victoria State Government. ParkSheds are confident their modules can assist in improving the female participation in sports and active recreation.