Changing Rooms

State: 45sqm x4 (2 home team, and 2 away)

Regional: 45sqm x2

Local: 30sqm x2


State: 20sqm x4

Regional: 15sqm (= 6 showers) x2

Local: 15sqm (=  6 showers) x2


State: 10sqm (= 4 toilets) x4

Regional: 10sqm (= 4 toilets) x2

Local: 10sqm (= 4 toilets) x2

Referee's Room (including shower & toilet)

State / Regional / Local: 15sqm 

At a State League level, 4 changing rooms (2 home team and 2 away team) should be provided. To offer flexibility, the changing room should be able to be configured in either 4 separate changing rooms or 2 large changing rooms. At a Regional and Local level, 2 changing rooms (1 home team and 1 away team) are essential.

Each changing room requires its own wet area (showers) located as far as possible from changing room entrance and WCs to minimise water migration and to separate mud and moisture from dry areas, and with no direct sights lines to adjoining areas. State League facilities should incorporate a minimum of 5 shower points, whereas Regional and Local facilities should incorporate a minimum of 4 and 3 respectively. Ideally, plan for one square metre for the shower area and the same for the drying area. To accommodate wheelchair access avoid raised thresholds. Showers on opposing walls should be spaced 2.5m apart to permit a central circulation route and will require a separate dry-off area to one end. To improve flexibility and to cater for mixed use, cubical showers can be provided.

The provision of toilet facilities should be based on the following minimum requirements: Men: one WC, two urinals and two washbasins. Women: two WCs and two washbasins. To better cater for mixed gender use, male urinals should be replaced by an additional WC.

The building should include a self-contained changing room for use by officials. Provide a room of 15m2 with a shower, washbasin and bench space. Secure locker storage is required when the room is used by more than one official. In rooms for five or more officials, include a WC. If officials of both sexes use the pavilion at the same time, provide separate accommodation.

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