1. Entry to change room should ideally be on the ground level.

  2. The room arrangement should ideally be rectangular to provide two opposing benches. 

  3. Provide minimum space for 11 players for cricket in the changing space.

  4. Provide additional lockers or change benches to accommodate other sports. 

  5. Access to the amenities / wet area is to be provided directly from the changing space. The minimum quantity of shower to accomodate cricket at all levels is 3, but a greater number of showers for winter sporting codes may be required in multi-use facilities.

  6. A minimum of three toilet pans is preferred for cricket, however a greater number of toilets for winter sporting codes or there uses maybe required in multi--use facilities.

  7. Two unisex player change rooms required, one umpire change room with minimum of two lockable cubicles required for premier / regional and club (home) level. 

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Changing Room Area

Premier / Regional: 30 - 45sqm x2 - 2 change rooms per playing field required

Club (Home): 20 - 30sqm x2 - 2 change rooms per playing field required

Club (Satellite): 20 - 30sqm x2 - desirable 

Amenities (Player Toilet / Showers)

Premier / Regional: 25sqm x2 - 2 amenities per playing field required

Club (Home): 20 - 25sqm x2 - 2 amenities per playing field required

Club (Satellite): 15 - 20sqm x2 - desirable

Accessible Toilets: on each level required, minimum 5.5sqm 

Umpires Room (including shower & Toilet)

Premier / Regional: 15sqm - Required

Club (Home): 15sqm - Required

Club (Satellite): 15sqm - Optional


 At a Premier/Regional and Club (Home) facility a minimum of two unisex changing rooms is required. At Club (Satellite) level venues, dedicated changing rooms are desirable. In many cases clubroom buildings may not be provided at Club (Satellite) venues - in these cases, access to toilet amenities and drinking water is preferable. Where a single clubroom facility serves multiple home playing fields at any one site, two change rooms per playing field is preferred where practical.

 Each change room requires its own designated wet area (shower and toilets) with limited sight lines to adjoining areas. Both Premier/Regional and Club (Home) level facilities require a minimum of three showers (to accommodate cricket). Lockable private cubicles and toilet pans are recommended to promote unisex usage. Include mirrors in conjunction with hand basins.

 A self contained changing room for use by umpires is required at both a Premier / Regional and Club (Home) facility. It is assumed that at these hierarchy levels that a minimum of two umpires are officiating at Premier / Regional level games and a minimum of one officiating at Club (Home) venues. Should independent umpires be officiating at Club (Satellite) venues then adequate change facilities should be provided. A single change room should include two lockable shower cubicles and a toilet cubicle, washbasin, mirror and bench space. Secure locker storage is also recommended along with coat hooks.