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A safe and welcoming environment is a critical component of any change room design. Noting this, standard features of a female friendly change room should include:

  • A privacy screen at the entry to the change room.

  • Individual toilet cubicles.

  • Individual lockable shower cubicles with change seats inside each cubicle.

  • Appropriately located hygiene disposal points.

  • Mirror/vanity/shelving for personal items (subject to maintenance and vandalism implications that are considered on a case by case basis).

  • Power points for accessories adjacent to wet areas.

  • Fold away baby change tables where possible.

  • Toilet seats provided on stainless steel units.

Safety & Privacy

  1. Provide privacy screens to entry of change rooms.

  2. Provide individual toilet cubicles

  3. Provide individual lockable shower cubicles with changing seats inside each cubicle, to enhance safety and privacy for users. 

  4. Where possible, include mirror / vanity / shelving for personal items and power points for hair dryers.

  5. Meet legislated building design requirement, e.g. provide ambulant toilet cubicles.

Change Room Design


Change Room Design

  1. Provide privacy screens to entry of change rooms.

  2. Provide individual toilet cubicles.

  3. Provide individual lockable shower cubicles with changing seats inside each cubicle, to enhance safety and privacy for users.                   OR Provide seperate combined shower / toilet / changing area for enhanced safety and privacy for users.

  4. Where possible, include mirror / vanity / shelving for personal items and power points for hair dryers.

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